Writer/Director – Mark Kalbskopf
Based in Washington D.C. Mark returns to home to direct this romantic comedy. In fact, the English American cultural differences feature prominently in the script which has been in the making for two years. From small beginnings writing and directing stage plays Mark moved to Maine and graduated from the International Film and Television workshops in Rockport. He is well versed in all things digital and technical having come originally from a software development background. Right Hand Drive is his first full length feature film.

Producer – Debbie Crosscup
Mark and Debbie teamed up in May of 2006, far too close to the planned production dates which were targeted for the end of July! Debbie, originally from the USA lives in London and has a Masters in Film Producing from the National Film and Television school in Beaconsfield. She’s the perfect match for producing this film because the English American differences and sensibilities are a key part of the humour of the film.

Before joining the NFTS Producing course, Debbie received her BA Hons from Emerson College, Boston, in 2001 where she studied Media Arts with a concentration in Film Production. While at the NFTS, Debbie has worked under her mentor, Paul Webster, at Kudos Film and Television, and completed an internship with the BBC Drama Department. Debbie is now developing a number of projects whilst also working on several short films and, of course, Right Hand Drive.

Director of Photography – Nicholas Wise

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