Valmike Rampersad


Valmike graduated with distinction from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, England. He plays an assassin and son of BAFTA nominee, Art Malik, in ‘Hotel’ which was a semi-finalist at the Academy Awards and also won Best Drama at the L.A. International Festival. He played the lead, a manic depressive, opposite BAFTA nominee Saeed Jaffrey in ‘Open Secrets’ which won Best Film, Buffalo-San Film Festival. In ‘The Cost of Love’, Grand Prix winner at the End of the Pier International Festival, he plays a cardio thoracic surgeon. It is available on Amazon and Netflix. He has acted in several features in Hollywood including ‘The Exquisite Continent’ by Emmy Nominated Director, Stephen Gyllenhaal (‘Losing Isaiah’) and ‘Radio Mary’ by Sundance award winning director, Gary Walkow.

Valmike completed 125 Episodes as the lead in British TV drama series, ‘Cloud 9’, shown on Sky and Virgin TV.

Valmike played a British journalist in the lead role alongside Gerry Bednob (‘the 40 yr old Virgin’) in ‘The Rise and Fall of John Tesoro’, directed by HBO award-winning director, Angela Gibbs. He starred in Brit Indie feature ‘Meet Pursuit Delange’ which features Jason Flemyng, Colin Salmon and Peter Bowles. ‘Malachi’ was filmed in conjunction with the BBC and won the Skillset Millenium Award. He played the lead role in ‘Get to Know Me’, shot at Lars Von Trier’s Zentropa studios – official selection Regensburger Film Festival. Valmike’s first TV lead appearance, ‘Read My Lips’ for Channel 4, was selected by the Sunday Times UK as ‘Pick of the Week’.

Valmike divides his time between London and L.A.

Valmike talks about his experience on Right Hand Drive.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working on Right Hand Drive.
Mark, the Director was great to work with – he came to
the set with a clear vision of what he wanted from his
actors, but was also willing to take on board and
listen to any suggestions we made regarding blocking
including minor changes to the script. We did a fair
amount of rehearsals and the open sharing of ideas was
most useful.

We spent a month in the lovely Wiltshire country side in some
very picturesque locations – exactly like they were
described in the script. I also learnt to ride a
rickshaw which wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would
be, but good fun. Ken the 1st AD, Debbie, the Producer
and Nick, the DOP were also great to work with – what a
good mix of talent!”