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Peter Skellern Dies

Peter Skellern died this morning. His hit song “You’re a Lady” features in the film. A very evocative, atmospheric ballad that was perfect for our story, and actually the only set piece we used outside of the custom score and composition. It wasn’t cheap, but it was well worth it.
I didn’t realize that Peter had always wanted to be ordained and achieved that goal last year in the Church of England.
You’re a Lady



It’s Sunday. Evan drives his beloved Porsche to the old village church like always, but singing hymns with weird Norman and the old folks doesn’t seem cool anymore. Driving home with his eccentric aunt, he has a shocking near miss with a vacationing American family. Squashed in the back of his Porsche, they are coming to stay in his room. His aunt starts with a prayer while Evan tries desperately to show the attractive daughter that he’s, actually . . .er, cool. Or is he?

The Making Of

It’s hard to capture the excitement, the monotony and the tension that goes into creating a film story but here’s a few pictures to give you a flavor. It’s a race against the clock, it’s a fight against mediocrity and not settling for shots that could have been so much better.